Success – New Clean Air Legislation for Colorado!

We did it! This year’s legislative session has ended and we are excited to report that we helped pass several pieces of clean air legislation. Together, we emailed and called legislators, we testified, we spread the word via social media, and we visited the Capitol to talk to legislators in person –  and it worked! Legislators heard us loud and clear and passed multiple clean air bills.

That’s not the royal ‘we’ speaking. We’re talking about all of our amazing volunteers and partner groups. Just as it takes a village to raise children, it takes a strong coalition to pass legislation. Mamas are proud to be a part of such a coalition and we are grateful for the organizations we get to work with. Together we created a force; we made sure that lawmakers understood that clean air is a top priority for Coloradans across the state. A special shout out to the environmental justice groups representing the frontline communities most impacted by dangerous air pollution who led many of these efforts.

These bills will:

  • Fund programs that help school districts replace diesel school buses with electric school buses, offer rebates for electric bikes, and offer free fare on public transit during the peak of the ozone season
  • Establish a program to regulate air toxics in our state – this program allows Colorado to establish health-based standards and reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in the air we breath
  • Establish a new board to review and implement the newest energy codes for buildings which is expected to save energy compared to previous codes

Because air pollution can damage, sometimes permanently, young still-developing lungs, we moms are so excited about these programs that will benefit children across the state with cleaner, healthier air. 

There is, of course, more work to be done. Some of the bills will require follow up to fully implement, for example. But today we take a moment to celebrate the wins and to thank all those that helped out, including legislators. Legislators get a LOT of requests and not many thank you’s, so letting them know we appreciate their efforts to protect the air our children breathe goes a long way. We’ve made it easy for you to do so by clicking here.

As we move into ozone season and deal with a never-ending wildfire season, we will remain vigilant about opportunities to speak up and let you know.  

Keep up the good work. Together we are making a difference.

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