Mountain Mamas protect our air, water, climate and public lands for future generations.

Mamas envision a future with clean air and water for our families, climate justice for all communities, and protected public lands that allow our children to enjoy our outdoor quality of life for generations to come.

Everyday we get closer to making that vision a reality by organizing Mamas across the Rocky Mountains and ensuring we are at the table where decisions are being made.


The Mountain Mamas are guided by our commitment to organize, inspire, and activate Mamas across the Rocky Mountains to advocate for our climate, clean air and water, and public lands.

Represent and amplify ALL voices who identify as “Mountain Mamas”

Identify community barriers to accessing climate justice, clean air and water, and public lands.

Zero pandering to patriarchal perspectives or aged norms.

Organize action at the grassroots level.

Support science.

Practice justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Period.

Elevate intersectionality between people and our planet.

Seat Mamas at the table where decisions are made.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment

Mamas include trans women, non-binary people, cis women, and any other person who finds themselves identifying in some way with the incredible label of “mom”. Everyone belongs in our work – that means we strive to increase our justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and center these values in our work.

We believe all children deserve to breathe clean air, drink clean water, enjoy public lands and have a bright future. We recognize that this vision is not true today and that Black, Latino/a/e and Indigenous families have borne, and still bear, the worst impacts of environmental degradation. Every community should have a voice that is heard as decisions are made that impact their community.

Mountain Mamas commit to working both within our organization and our communities to honor and support marginalized individuals.


Long before we had even put our stake in the ground as a 501c3 organization, we were part of important wins through our consensus building, decision-maker influence, and personal commitments. These wins will only grow as we harness the power of the Mama Voice to move important legislation and work forward for our kids and our future.

Creation of the Camp Hale - Continental Divide National Monument (Colorado)



Email Montana’s elected officials and ask them to support the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act!


Tell Colorado’s leaders to address the climate crisis!