Photo courtesy of Colorado Wildlands Project

The Dolores River Canyons Country in Western Colorado features incredible high desert ecosystems and is the largest, most biodiverse unprotected area in Colorado.

The stunning landscape is as beautiful as it is inspiring.

Threatened by the climate crisis and development, the area is deserving and in need of protection as a National Monument.

We, and a growing numbers of others across the state, are calling on our elected leaders and President Biden to designate a National Monument here to protect and support all that is so special in this area-

  • Critical wildlife habitat and rich biodiversity
  • Important cultural sites
  • Ecological resilience
  • Local economies
  • Added protection of equal access for everyone
  • Outdoor recreational opportunities
Photo courtesy Rig to Flip
So many of us are raising our kids in Colorado for the outdoors.

We understand the countless benefits to their physical and mental health, to share with them a sense of awe and a connection to nature, to get them off their screens, teach them about those that came before us, and opportunities to learn skills like creativity and managed risk.

Dolores Canyons is an outdoor classroom that offers all of this and more.

To ensure this area is here for future generations of children we must protect it from exploitation. Join us in calling for the permanent protection of this area by designating it a National Monument.

Sign the petition below.

Photo courtesy Rig to Flip
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