The Montana Mountain Mamas are rooted in the western lifestyle of raising our families outside, championing work that keeps our rivers pristine, our air clean, and our lands open and wild for generations.
We raise our collective voices for important work like:
We work hard and play hard and teach our kids to do the same.



We love the wild places that make Montana special for fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting. And we also want the opportunity to mountain bike and snowmobile against gorgeous, well-managed backdrops. The Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act gives us both.

It’s time to finish what was started well over a decade ago. Sen. Steve Daines needs to hear from all of us why this is important.

Please tell him that Mountain Mamas like you support the BCSA. Compromise is in our values, and we need it to be in his too.

Stories of the people and places of the Blackfoot River

Connie and Mack Long
Hallowed Water

As Mountain Mamas, we see the value of compromise. We live it in our relationships daily, and teach it to our. And the BCSA is the ultimate compromise, where timber mill workers, ranchers, mountain bikers, snowmobilers, business owners, wilderness advocates and more all agree. That’s why we are a proud partner pushing to get this legislation passed.

The BCSA is a grassroots, made-in-Montana collaborative project.

Connie Long, Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters, Mountain Mama, Grandmama, Charlo, MT


The Smith River is one of Montana’s most iconic waterways, with thriving populations of brown and rainbow trout, osprey, eagles, elk and more. For generations, Montana families have floated through the walls of Canyon Depth and told ghost stories under the stars at Cow Coulee.

Montana kids are lucky enough to grow up with places like the Smith, spying centuries-old petroglyphs and making memories they’ll cherish forever with family and friends.

Sign our petition TODAY, and add your name to the list of thousands who are standing up and speaking out for the Smith River. It only takes a minute, but has a DEEP impact for the Smith and our decision makers.



The sleepy and stunning community of Lincoln is a gateway community to the Continental Divide Trail, the Blackfoot River and the Scapegoat Wilderness. Mamas and families come to camp, float and fish the Blackfoot River, snowmobile, and visit the world-renowned outdoor sculpture park.

The Lincoln Prosperity Proposal will expand Lincoln’s recreation opportunities, give businesses a boost, support local families and ensure protection of clean water, habitat and wide-open spaces. The Lincoln Prosperity Proposal includes management recommendations for 200,000-acres of national forest lands, and consists of three primary parts: Conservation, Forest Restoration and Recreation.


Make your voice heard today, and sign on as a supporter to the Lincoln Prosperity Proposal. It’s a no-brainer for Mamas, as being able to support local families AND protect our outdoor way of life are core to our mission.


The burgeoning college town of Bozeman in southwest Montana is growing by leaps and bounds, with the wild Gallatin and Madison ranges in its backyard. In addition to providing 80% of Bozeman’s drinking water, the Gallatin and Madison ranges are vital wildlife migration corridors connecting Yellowstone National Park to the Crown of the Continent.

Southwest Montana families frequent these mountains, streams and lakes on a daily basis to recreate – everything from quick after-work paddleboard sessions to multi-day backpacking trips – the Gallatin and Madison ranges see heavy use. For many years now, diverse stakeholders have put their differences aside and come together to create lasting management solutions that balance historic recreational use, wildlife, and the water supply for thousands of Gallatin Valley families.

Photo: Louise Johns

Photo: Louise Johns

The Mountain Mamas proudly support the agreement reached to provide both recreational access and wilderness designations through the Gallatin Forest Partnership’s agreement and proposal.

Make your voice heard in support of the Gallatin Forest Partnership’s agreement, and slap partners on the back for their years of collaborative endeavours! Just like what we tell our kids – when you work together everyone wins!



Family road trips to Montana’s cultural icons…and the best pieces of pie


The Antiquities Act enables sitting presidents to designate existing federal land as national monuments in order to preserve significant natural, cultural, or scientific features. What are some famous national monuments? Montana’s own Upper Missouri River Breaks, Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower, the Statue of Liberty in New York, and the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

In early June 2021, the Antiquities Act celebrated its 115th anniversary. When President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law, he paved the way for not only permanent preservation of cultural and historical lands core to our nation’s history, but also ensured surrounding communities a steady revenue stream through tourism spending and investment.

Montana is chock full of historical remnants that have carved and shaped our state and nation. We’ve decided to load up the family truckster and explore our national monuments and historical sites…and find the best piece of pie in Montana along the way!


From Bozeman to Highwood, Shelby to Billings, Pony to Missoula, “mamas” everywhere agree on a very simple – yet powerful – thing: our families deserve to adventure with fresh air in our lungs and clean water between our toes, with plenty of wide open spaces in between.

That’s why we are launching a new program, Mamas Rural! where we are doubling down on the Mountain Mamas ethos of meeting “mamas” where they are, and doing what we can with our shared experiences as Montanans.

We are going to turn away from national political divides and dysfunction and instead, we are turning towards each other and the rural roots that entwine us.

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