The Montana Mountain Mamas are rooted in the western lifestyle of raising our families outside, championing work that keeps our rivers pristine, our air clean, and our lands open and wild for generations.
We raise our collective voices for important work like:
We work hard and play hard and teach our kids to do the same.



We love the wild places that make Montana special for fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting. And we also want the opportunity to mountain bike and snowmobile against gorgeous, well-managed backdrops. The Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act gives us both.

It’s time to finish what was started well over a decade ago. Sen. Steve Daines and Representative Gianforte need to hear from all of us why this is important.

Please tell them that Mountain Mamas like you support the BCSA. Compromise is in our values, and we need it to be in theirs too.

Stories of the people and places of the Blackfoot River

Connie and Mack Long
Hallowed Water

As Mountain Mamas, we see the value of compromise. We live it in our relationships daily, and teach it to our. And the BCSA is the ultimate compromise, where timber mill workers, ranchers, mountain bikers, snowmobilers, business owners, wilderness advocates and more all agree. That’s why we are a proud partner pushing to get this legislation passed.

The BCSA is a grassroots, made-in-Montana collaborative project.

Connie Long, Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters, Mountain Mama, Grandmama, Charlo, MT



Montana is renowned for its world-class outdoor recreation, blue ribbon trout streams, and family-friendly small towns. For the last 50 years, a little-known federal program – the Land & Water Conservation Fund, or LWCF – has helped to shape Montana’s vibrant communities and nature-based economy we enjoy today. The Fund’s passage by Congress remains critical to the future of Montana.

The Montana Mountain Mamas are calling on Congress to permanently and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Please tell Senator Daines and Congressman Gianforte that Mountain Mamas support full funding of LWCF!

People and Parks of Montana

These places and spaces create healthy people, families, and communities in our state, which is a fundamental value of the Mountain Mamas. Ensuring LWCF is permanently funded is, therefore, our priority.

Across the state, Montana families, city officials, schools, sportsmen, land trusts, ranchers, and conservationists have come together to shine a spotlight on this important program. LWCF  has helped pay for more than 800 local community projects statewide – including small town parks, school playgrounds, soccer fields, swimming pools, tennis courts, bicycle trails, and water supplies.

Did you know?

LWCF directs money from offshore oil-drilling federal royalties – not tax dollars – to conservation, local recreation, schools and public access priorities across America. LWCF has provided direct benefits to Montana with over $240 million  dollars invested in the state over the last decade to support access to public lands, working forests, and clean water.

LWCF is good for Montana and for Mountain Mamas. These are the places we raise our kids, hike with friends, and find solitude for ourselves.


Raise your voice to support climate change solutions in Montana. Sign now to show your support to the Montana Climate Solutions Council. We MUST act now so the crisis we created and that our children face, will not be worsened. We don’t have much time to turn this ship around, so we must act quickly and boldly. Let’s show Montana that the Mountain Mamas are ready for climate policy change!