Mountain Mamas go to D.C.

By Maggie Doherty

Earlier this month, I was in Washington D.C. to speak with Montana lawmakers about the importance of public lands, climate, and a healthy environment for families and future generations. I was invited to our nation’s capital by Mountain Mamas, a nonprofit organization to organize, inspire and activate mothers across the Rocky Mountains to advocate for our climate, clean air and water, and public lands. The Mountain Mamas, a name that inspires smiles and the whistled tunes of a particular John Denver song, was started in 2018 by Becky Edwards, who lives in Bozeman. She’s a mama, and with her infectious smile and soft but commanding voice, she inspires women to become engaged across their communities and with their lawmakers on how important it is for all parents and children to have clean, safe, and equal access to the outdoors.

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