Landscape Photo by Alan Majchrowicz

History comes to life as you piece together the fateful night of August 9, 1877, where “by the time the smoke cleared on August 10, almost 90 Nez Perce were dead along with 31 soldiers and volunteers.” Peacefully camped on their homelands, along the banks of their Big Hole river, this band of non-treaty Nez Perce defied the 1863 Treaty to confine them to a tiny fraction of their ancestral territory. The military soldiers on the mission wrote to loved ones before their departure, believing this would be their last communication, as death was surely imminent.

Marvel at the history that has been collected through written military records and the deep oral tradition of the Nez Perce. READ MORE…

Don’t Miss…

Darby! The brakes were thrown at the end of Main Street when we saw the neon signs and flags announcing – CANDY! Spend a “sweet” time in the Old West Antiques and Candy Store stocking up on only the finest road snacks – sour piglets, squishy brains and Christmas mints, anyone?

Stay + Explore…

For an excellent winter adventure, tack on an afternoon of powder turns and old-school Montana hospitality at Lost Trail Ski area or slide into Chief Joseph Pass cross country trails. Warm everyone up at Jackson Hot Springs in Wisdom for a soak and stay.

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