The Great American Outdoors Act is law!

Remember the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) that we’ve been talking about for years that helps make all those outdoor play spots for our families possible? This is it! 

This is a very, very, very big deal – and YOU MADE THIS POSSIBLE!

Mamas have put up billboards, placed ads, written letters, set up yard signs, published opinion pieces, showed up at the Senators’ and Congresswomen/mens’ District offices, as well as traveled all the way to Washington, D.C., to make our voices heard. 

➡️ See our recent op-eds ⬅️

Public lands provide landscape for us all to heal – Bozeman Daily Chronicle
The Senate can protect the public lands we need now and post-pandemic – Colorado Sun

Great American Outdoors Act is a win for everyone – Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Great American Outdoors Act is a gift to Coloradans, especially to our children – Aurora Sentinel


If you’ve hiked a trail, been to a playground, swimming pool, ball field; gone camping, fishing, or even gazed upon generational ranches and healthy forests, you have benefited from the Land & Water Conservation Fund. 

LWCF has been one of the Mamas’ cornerstone issues since we first gathered up. It’s something nearly everyone agrees on, and it’s vital to how we raise our families and the outdoor life we love. 

This is not an individual win, or one organization’s win, or something one elected official can claim credit for. 

THIS IS OUR WIN. WE ALL DID THIS! And we have more to do!

Celebrate with us today by taking yourself, your kids, your family – outside. Go biking. Go hiking. Kick the soccer ball around at the park. Cast a line. Paddle a river. Watch the birds. Run a trail. After that, DONATE. Become a member of Mountain Mamas, if you aren’t already. Women are strong. Women have power. Our voices matter. Make yours count.

Let’s move more mountains together!

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