Position Openings In Colorado!

Are you concerned about your child(ren)’s health and future and want to do everything you can to protect them? Are you looking for ways to make a difference?

As a supporter of Mountain Mamas, we’re guessing the answer is yes and we’re excited to invite you to apply for openings on our team!

Our amazing group of mamas has a couple openings, and we want you to join us! We are looking for a grassroots organizer (temporary paid position) and for Board members (three year volunteer position) in Colorado. Check out the links to the descriptions below and apply for one (or both) if they speak to you. Share this post with your contacts and networks as well to let them know we’re expanding too.

The more we can grow our group, the louder our voice will be as we work to influence decision makers.  

Colorado Grassroots Field Organizer (paid)

Board Application (volunteer)

These positions will help us further our mission and organizational goals in one of our two states, Colorado. What exactly does that mean? We mamas envision a future with clean air and water for our families, climate justice for all communities, and protected public lands that allow our children to enjoy our outdoor quality of life for generations to come. Everyday we get closer to making that vision a reality by organizing Mamas across the Rocky Mountains and ensuring we are at the table where decisions are being made. Want to be a part of this growing team and help us continue our momentum? Apply for either of our openings today to help steer Mountain Mamas into the next phase!

That’s not all though, there are also new opportunities to get involved with the State too. Did you know the state of Colorado has almost 300 Boards and Commissions where citizens get to help make decisions governing our state? The state legislature created a few more this past session as well that will impact environmental justice, transportation and outdoor education. That means there are a lot of commissioner appointments that need filling, here are a few that are related to the issues Mountain Mamas work on: 

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission
  • Transportation Commission
  • Clean Fleet Board (new)
  • Clean Transit Board (new)
  • Community Access Board (new)
  • Non-attainment Area Board (new)
  • Building Performance Standard Task Force (new)

Read about some of the existing boards and commissions here. Our Colorado State Director, Jen Clanahan has information about some of the new boards that she’s happy to share with anyone interested in them.

Get involved and take the next step in the efforts to protect our clean air, land and climate.

Whether you are interested in getting more involved with Mountain Mamas or with the state, you can contact Jen at Jen@MtnMamas.org for more information.